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VCP6.5-DCV Exam Preparation

May 5, 2017


August 24, 2018 – Update

Steve, Owen, and I created this online Appendix E  for you to use in conjunction with the VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide to prepare for the VCP6.5-DCV Exam.

Click here for Appendix E (version 6.5):   Appendix E

We also created a set of version 6.5 specific question that you should use in conjunction with the Practice Exams that com with the Cert guide.

Click here for the version 6.5 Practice Exam Questions:  Practice-Questions-vLore


The latest VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification for Data Center Virtualization (DCV) is VCP6.5-DCV.  This is the first time that VMware is offering a dot-5 level certification.  In the past, they provided dot-5 exams, which you could use to earn a certification, but the certification level itself was not designated as dot-5.  For example, you could pass a version 5.5 exam to earn the VCP5-DCV.  (No VCP5.5-DCV certification exists).   But, now you have the opportunity to pass the version 6.5 exam and earn VCP6.5-DCV.

If you have not yet earned VCP6-DCV, you could seek VCP6.5-DCV or VCP6-DCV.  I  recommend that you base the decision on your skill set and readiness to take a specific exam.  For example, if you are very skilled with vSphere 6.0, but have little experience with vSphere 6.5, you may wish to lean toward VCP6-DCV.

I suspect the VCP6.5-DCV may become a popular certification for those who hold VCP6-DCV (or VCP5-DCV) and need to re-certify during the next year.

How to Prepare

A great way to prepare is to use the VCP6-DCV Official Cert Guide (VMware Press) and to supplement with a small amount of additional material to accommodate additions in the blueprint and changes in vSphere 6.5

I compared the blueprints of the version 6.0 exam (which is addressed in the Cert Guide) and the 6.5 exam.   Most of the changes are cosmetic, such as reworded and relocated objectives and sub-objectives.  A modest amount of new items appear in the objectives.  Some of the new items are already covered in the Cert Guide as part of covering related objectives.

So, I recommend that you:

Coming Soon:  Watch this vLoreBlog and social media for online content to accompany the  table that will provide details for each item in place of the references.

  1. Michael M permalink

    Hi, Do you have any links for the “Practice Exams” you mention?

    • To access the Practice Exams (2 for Standard Edition and 4 for Premium Edition) follow these steps, which I copied from the Companion Website section of the book’s front matter.

      1. Browse to and log in or create a new account.
      2. Enter the ISBN: 9780789756480.
      3. Answer the challenge question as proof of purchase.
      4. Click on the “Access Bonus Content” link in the Registered Products section of your account page to be taken to the page where your downloadable content is available.

      Here is a link to some ver 6.5 practice questions that you can use in conjunction with the practice exams:

  2. Marco R. permalink

    Hi Jhonny thank you for the information, do you know if there will be a VCP6.5-DCV Official Cert Guide? and I should take the vSphere Foundation Exam first?.

  3. Hi – Where did you find the blueprints for 6.0 and 6.5? I remember being able to find them when I took the 5.5 exam but haven’t found anything for 6.0/6.5 yet.


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