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About vLoreBlog and John A. Davis

From 2004 to 2015, I worked for a VMware partner (New Age Technologies) to deliver professional services and official (certified) training.   From 2015 to early 2019, I worked as a Product Architect for a managed service provider (Rackspace), focused on designing Rackspace products built on VMware technologies and delivering professional services.  In April 2019, I formed a company (MEJEER, LLC), to deliver professional services as an independent contractor to businesses either directly or via a VMware Professional Services partner.  I originally began vLoreBlog in 2012 with the intention of providing materials to my students.  Today, I use it as a vehicle to:

  • provide advice to the VMware community on earning certifications
  • share tips related to VMware technologies that may be difficult to find elsewhere


John A. Davis

VCP-DCV 2019 / VCIX6-DCV / VCIX6-NV/ VCP7-CMA / vROps 2017 / vExpert / MCP – Azure Fundamentals / Zerto ZCP Enterprise Engineer


LinkedIN – John Davis

t: @johnnyadavis



  1. Azim Surani permalink

    I Just purchased the VCAP5-DCA Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook (published on May 5). I could not find any information on where to get the updates for the VDCA550 exam . Was hoping that There would be some information of that covered in the book, or links to where i could get that information

    • Azim, I will have a detailed reply in a day or so … we are putting the final touches on online Appendices that provide details on the new VDCA550 exam. It covers each objective and skill on the new exam blueprint. It maps each required skill to the appropriate section of the Cert Guide. It provides details on objectives and skills covered in the new blueprint that were not covered in the previous blueprint. It covers new features in vSphere 5.5 that may be required for the exam. It includes a 3rd practice exam that includes exercises that are based on the new exam objectives. It also includes an appendix with information on using the vSphere Web Client and provides about 50 examples of performing tasks in the Web Client. I should have the information about accessing these online materials very soon.

      • Azim Surani permalink

        thank you look forward to reading and doing the practice exam 🙂

  2. Azim Surani permalink

    Just a follow today is May 20, 2014 which is the official release of the VCAP5-DCA certification guide. I logged in and I Notice I still don’t have access to the practice exam, and updates for the new vcap 5.5 exam.

    Just an FYI i have a ticket with [Incident: 140512-002736

    Thank You

  3. Azim Surani permalink

    Update…Got a reply back from VMware Press and due to a “Hiccup” they won’t be releasing the exam till end of the week. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me since I am writing my exam on may 22 and rescheduling is extremely hard since there is only one testing center in the city i am in. I am wondering if there is anything that you can pull where I would be able to get access to the practice exam (at the minimum just the question) to aid with my studying today and tomorrow. Thank you in advance

  4. No, I do not have any extra pull. You may want to send me a private message on twitter @johnnyadavis tomorrow. I can try help you as much as I can. But, if you are taking the VDCA550 exam, I recommend that you take time to review the online content (mentioned earlier in this thread) and the practice exams. If this material is new to you, then just one day may not be sufficient.

    • Pearson just informed me that the Practice Exams are now posted and available. The online Appendices will be available in a few days.

  5. Peter permalink

    Mr. Davis,

    It would appear New Age link you have at the top is no longer valid.
    (Just an FYI)

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