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VCP6-DCV Exam Preparation

August 9, 2016

For those of you who may be ready to address the next step in your your career goals and achieve VCP6-DCV certification, you should give serious consideration to taking advantage of VMworld discounts.  If you attend VMworld, you have opportunities for great discounts on live training, self paced training and certification exams, including the VCP6-DCV exam.   Details at VMworld Training and Exams.

Whether or not you attend VMworld, you may be interested in resources to help you prepare and pass the VCP6-DCV exam.  Naturally, as the lead author of the VCP6-DCV: Official Cert Guide (VMware Press), I certainly recommend that you consider it.  It covers each exam objective, in depth, in order, and includes study tools, such as questions and memory tables.  The premium edition, includes 4 practice exams.   But, many of you may prefer a free tool, so here are a couple that are popular in the community:

Also, here is a popular VCP6-DCV Exam practice test (not a brain dump, but just some sample, potential questions).

If you are looking for some general advice, take a look at this VCP6-DCV Deep Dive Interview where Doug Denny  (@dhdenny) from Rackspace speaks with myself and a fellow Racker (Josh Williams @jcw366), who passed the VCP6-DCV exam.  In this, we share specific VCP6-DCV exam preparation information and advice as well as advice to apply on the day of the exam.

If you are at VMworld in Vegas and obtain a copy of our book, you can catch Owen Thomas, Steve Baca (@scbaca1) and me at the VMworld store on Wednesday August 31 at 3:30 PM.  We would love to sign your book!!    Or catch me at the Rackspace booth on Monday at noon for another book signing!








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