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Changes to VMware Certification

May 13, 2015

Earlier this year, VMware announced changes to their certification program, which many people in the community were already struggling to grasp.  Here is my attempt to simply it:

  • The program offers 4 tracks:  Data Center Virtualization (DCV – focused on  vSphere), Desktop and Mobility (DTM – focused Horizon Suite), Cloud Management and Automation (CMA – focused on vRealize Suite), and Network Virtualization  (NV – focused on NSX).
  • It provides 4 main levels in each track:  Associate (VCA), Professional (VCP), Implementation Expert (VCIX), and Design Expert (VCDX).
  • VCA’s can successfully explain the concepts associated with the technologies and products in the track.  They can successfully engage in discussions related to the track, such as discussions on conceptual solution design, using proper vocabulary.
  • The main requirement for VCA is successfully passing an online exam.
  • VCP’s can independently, successfully install the technologies and products in the track in a manner that is adequate for Proof of Concept Testing.   They can also implement production-ready solutions based on these technologies and products by applying installation procedures and design documents provided by solution architects.
  • The main requirements for new VCPs are to attend an official course and to pass two exams.  The first is a core fundamentals exam focused on vSphere.  The second exam is a professional exam based on the specific track.  Previously, this level only required passing a single exam.  Current VCPs can follow migration paths that have fewer requirements.
  • VCIX’s can demonstrate their ability to design and implement solutions based on the technologies and products in the track well enough to be considered as a minimally qualified candidate for the  VMware Professional Services Team.  Previously, this level was called VCAP (advanced professional), but the new name focus on Implementation.
  • The main requirements for VCIX are to become a VCP in any track and to pass two exams on the specific track:  a VCIX-Lab exam (hands-on, implementation exam) and a VCIX-Design exam.   Previously, this level contained two separate VCAP certifications, but now it is a single certification that requires passing both exams.
  • VCDX’s can successfully perform the role of solution architect involving the technologies and products in the track.
  • The main requirements for VCDX are to become VCIX in the track, submit a design and application, and to successfully defend it to a VCDX panel.

In summary, the main changes from the previous certification program is that new VCP candidates must pass two exams, the purpose and name of VCAP has been changed to VCIX,  and two exams must be passed for VCIX.

NOTE:  Current VCPs of any track may only need to pass a single exam to become VCP6-DCV.

Be certain to examine the detailed requirements and migration paths on the VMware Certification page.


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